Bangi Farm Resort is a Farm Resort that stands out in its advanced uniqueness. It is an agricultural platform that ties together the many agricultural stakeholders like government agencies (eg. MARDI, AgroSel, FAMA), fertilizer companies, farmers, hobbyists and the general public. Situated in a convenient location where the theory of farming meets the practicality of farming, it is a farm in the city; paradoxical as that may be.

The Farm Resort boasts a strategic location for training (the theory of farming) with ample land for actual farming (the practicality of farming).There is a complete eco-system in itself, embodying a “farm to fork, fork to farm” concept of circular agriculture. This means that the fruits and vegetables are grown on the farm in controlled, organic conditions, sent to the kitchen to be prepared and cooked and presented to the table. The waste is collected, composted into fertilizer and used to feed and grow healthy, robust plants for the next harvest. The cycle is thus repeated ad infinitum for a sustainable, wholesome experience and existence