We are happy to announce the winners for World Durian Championship 2022: Malaysia Edition that took place in Bangi Golf Resort on 1 July 2022. 

The 4 categories being contested were Musang King (D197), Black Thorn (D200), Registered Clones and Open Category (Durian Kampung). Here is the list of winners and their respective plantations:

Musang King (D197)

Champion: Nang Kah Seng from Raub, Pahang

Second Place: Suzana Binti Salim from Dusun Damai, Parit Sulong, Johor

Third Place: Ching Mun Chung from Eco Planter Farm, Mentara, Gua Musang

Black Thorn (D200)

Champion: Lee Kean Liang from Sg. Baong, Penang

Second Place: Peter Lai from 668 Durian Junjung, Pulau Pinang

Third Place: Ooi Cheng Jie from Tasik Ceria Agrofarm, Kampung Ayer Tengah, Pulau Pinang

Registered Clones

Champion: Vicky Lim from Triple 9, Raub, Pahang

Second Place: Mohd Zarir Khalil from Dusun Damai, Parit Sulong, Johor

Third Place: Hock Lam Heng from Raub, Pahang

Open Category (Durian Kampung)

Champion: Nicole from Raub, Pahang

Second Place: Ching Tong Moi from Layang-layang, Johor

Third Place: Kamarruzaman Bin Jamil from Cham Fruits, Jementah, Johor

King of Kings

The champions of all 4 categories entered the grand finale, King of Kings with 6 judges assigned to the finale and they have decided the winner goes to:

Black Thorn (D200) – Lee Kean Liang

Group Photo of all winners

Musang King (D197

Nang Kah Seng, Champion of Musang King (D197)

Suzana binti Salim, Second Place Musang King (D197)

Ching Mun Chung, Third Place Musang King (D197)

Black Thorn (D200)

Lee Kean Liang, Champion of Black Thorn (D200)

Peter Lai, Second Place Black Thorn (D200)

Ooi Cheng Jie, Third Place Black Thorn (D200)

Registered Clones

Vicky Lim, Champion of Registered Clones

Mohd Zarir Khalil, Second Place Registered Clones

Hock Lam Seng, Third Place Registered Clones

Open Category (Durian Kampung)

Nicole, Champion of Open Category (Durian Kampung)

Ching Tong Moi, Second Place Open Category (Durian Kampung)

Kamaruzzaman bin Jamil, Third Place Open Category (Durian Kampung)

We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors that has generously sponsored the prizes for all winners in World Durian Championship 2022: Northern King Edition in Penang and World Durian Championship 2022: Malaysia Edition in Bangi Golf Resort

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