We are proud to announce that Bangi Farm Resort has been certified Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (myGAP) for its figs by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries. myGAP is a comprehensive scheme by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries that addresses environmental, economic, and social aspects to ensure excellent quality products. It is an accreditation process that recognizes farms that follow best practices in agriculture, be it in crops, fishery or veterinary that produce not only good quality products, but function in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, also taking into consideration the welfare and health of their workers. myGAP is accepted throughout the world and it is certainly an advantage in exporting goods.
We started our accreditation journey in late 2019 and it took two years to reap the rewards. The accreditation involves an area of 6.53 hectare that consists of figs. The farm now has about 1500 fig trees consisting of two varieties, the Brown Turkey Modified 6 and Super Red Hybrid. myGAP certification also means that we have passed the stringent tests of low pesticide levels (in this area we are using biopesticide where the main ingredients are made with black soldier fly exoskeleton), traceable farm operations and production, sustainable waste and water management as well as farmers’ good practices. Apart from being myGAP certified, our fresh figs and its products such as fig jam and fig gelato are Halal certified too.
The figs are being harvested daily and supplied in its most fresh form to The Loaf Kiosk at Bangi Resort Hotel and Bangi Golf Resort Clubhouse. Currently, we are working on getting certified Malaysian Organic (myOrganic) for stingless bee honey and Seed Certification Scheme (Skim Pengesahan Bahan Tanaman) that verifies the authenticity and quality of clone seedlings of our durian trees.